Financial Consulting

Private Equity

SS Halcyon Started in 2009, it has quickly emerged as one of the most active investment banker in Bangalore with the primary investment objective of achieving long-term capital appreciation by providing financial, strategic and operational assistance to emerging companies in the Mid Market.

At different stages in the evolution of any enterprise, institutional capital becomes necessary to seize market opportunities. Be it companies in the early - growth phase that are looking to build capacity and hire top talent or ones that are well-established and are considering options for their next cycle of growth.

The needs of the company and the entrepreneur define the quantum and kind of capital that would be best-suited. The many questions for a company to consider in raising institutional capital include,

In helping companies reach their next orbit of growth, we bring to the table, a deep understanding of all these issues, rich experience of handling transactions of various colors and an extensive investor network.

Hand-holding companies through this process, we help them understand capital requirements and identify ideal financial investors from the multitude of private equity, venture capital, buy-out and hedge funds in the market.

Our ability to bring the right partners to the table and structure the most optimal transaction, has delivered immense value to our clients, both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

Debt Syndication

"Simplified & Secure Solutions"

SS Halcyon offers services to mid-cap companies & large corporates in syndication of debt, as well as, in restructuring of existing debt.

There are different modes of financing options available to growing companies with strong cash flows but it is very important for the companies to select an ideal capital structure.

We advise our clients on the optimal capital structure depending on the company's cash flows, growth prospects, industry-specific issues and nature of assets.

For all the products, we offer a range of services under the category of debt syndication. The nature of these services varies from one client to another as per the nature of their business.

How we help

SS Halcyon expertise lies in getting speedy sanctions with best possible terms.

Outsourced CFO Services

Imagine one of the key aspects of your business being handled by an experienced Chief Financial Officer for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Our outsourced CFO services can be hired on a part time basis, but the skill-sets we bring to the table are the equivalent of you hiring a highly experienced in-house CFO. You can depend on your Outsourced CFO to provide you with the financial tools you need to effectively manage your business. Financial tools include methods in which to:

Armed with this type of information regularly, imagine what your growth possibilities could be.

Drafting Term Sheet

Term sheet is a document entered between a company and potential investor, to agree on the basic and broader terms and conditions of investment. This documents is entered after understanding the business of the company, revenue model, and cash generation potential,valuation of the company. However term sheet is not a legal document which is enforceable by either party. After signing term sheet the investor will conduct due diligence audit of the company’s books of accounts, order book, Intellectual property rights etc.. to conclude whatever the historical numbers mentioned are true, and the assumptions to build business plan holds ground.

Drafting Share Purchase Agreement:

Share Purchase Agreement is one of the definitive documents entered between investor and company. This is legally enforceable under certain conditions. Under this agreement both parties accepts do’s and don’t’s. It contains covenants which starts immediately like transfer of money, deal closure date and also contains covenants which is of long term in nature like participation in board, non-competing agreement, ipo date, conversion of debt instruments in to equity. Share purchase agreement gives lot of protection to the investor through clauses like drag along rights, tag along rights, right of first refusal, anti dilution clauses etc.