We are pioneers in giving solutions to the problems faced by the SME companies in fund raising. That is reason why we are the official fund raiser of Peenya Industries. So please fill in the form according to your relevant issues and get the “Perfect funding Solution” to all your funding problems.

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1 Select any of the option from which you prefer to raise loans? Without Collateral hassle free bank loans
With collateral hassle free bank loans
Private finance such india bulls, tata capital etc
Gold loans
2 What are major constraints you face in the process of raising loans? Lack of information on various loan schemes
Insufficient collateral
Unaware of formalities for the same
Difficulty in preparing documents like project report, CMA, Industry analysis etc.
Lengthy procedure and lesser success rate
3 According to you, which are common reasons for rejection of loans? Not so impressive track record on the revenue line items
Lack of negotiation skills
Lack of collateral
Improper financial data
4 What are the other options you opt to get funds apart from bank loans? Friends, relatives, employees
Local Money lenders
Contracting business by selling off assets
5 Will you be interested to have a third party funding as equity/capital into your business? Yes    No
6 What are the major challenges you face while going for an option of third party funding? Inadequacy in building a rational financial plan
Lengthy procedure
Unaware of the right type of investors for the right business plan
Unaware of the formalities
Difficulty in valuations and legal formalities
7 From the following options select the sources you use as an intermediary in raising funds? No intermediaries, direct interactions
References from friend, family
Chartered accountants firm, rating agencies, or other professionals
Financial intermediaries